Adult Degree Completion Program – ADCP


The Adult Degree Completion Program (ADCP) is the newest exciting program here at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith. This initiative works to help local non-traditional students with some college credit return to school to earn an education.

ADCP is Unique

The ADCP is unique in two ways:

  1. It provides the opportunity for students to earn college credit from prior work experience through prior learning assessments (PLA).
  2. Affordability, which is influenced both by our tuition and reducing students’ time to degree through the aforementioned PLA.

It combines a high-touch academic environment and convenient and flexible course offerings to create a streamlined educational experience for non-traditional, working students.

There are two degree options available through the ADCP.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Adult Degree Completion Program (ADCP)?

The ADCP provides an opportunity for students to earn a degree while continuing to work. An accelerated educational pathway to degree completion is provided by awarding college credit for the knowledge gained outside the classroom, whether it’s from work, continuing education programs, military education, or certification programs.

How do I get started?

To find out more about the ADCP please contact the ADCP program director by filling out the form on the right side of this page.

When do I start classes?

Classes start in the Fall 2019 semester.  All ADCP students register for an orientation and portfolio development course during their first semester. Taught by the program director, the course provides new students with an overview with the principles of adult learning and guidance through the elements of prior learning assessment and professional portfolio development.

What is Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)?

PLA is a flexible way of awarding credit for prior learning to eliminate duplication of a student’s educational effort. Students may potentially earn college credit through nationally recognized methods of evaluating learning attained from non-traditional sources. There are many forms of PLA assessment that include testing, military experience, CLEP, CLEET, DSST, and PLA-Portfolio assessments.  Integrity and accreditation standards as an institution of higher learning will be maintained through valid and reliable evaluation of prior learning by appropriate university personnel.

What isn’t PLA?

PLA credit is not automatically awarded. PLA awards credit for learning, not just credit for your work experience. It is not the experience itself that is being evaluated for college credit, but the knowledge you acquired with that experience and how that knowledge translates to specific college courses.

How long will it take for me to complete my degree?

Time to completion varies according to individual circumstances and educational goals. It depends upon the number of credit hours already earned and the number of credit hours that may be awarded through our Prior Learning Assessments program. Another variable is the number of classes taken each semester. For example, a student working part-time may be more comfortable taking 5 classes in a semester, a student working full-time may not.

How will I know what classes to take to complete a degree? 

Student support services are designed to meet the needs of students enrolled in the ADCP.  Dedicated advisors will help individuals define their educational goals and select appropriate coursework to complete their chosen degree. ADCP staff follow each student’s academic progress and provide support throughout their educational experience.

Will the ADCP accept all of my transfer credits?

College credit earned at an accredited institution is accepted upon evaluation of your transcript(s).

Is financial aid available?

Students admitted to the UAFS and the ADCP are eligible for financial aid consideration.

Will I be taking classes online or on-campus?

We have a large number of online and on-campus classes. Your experience is unique. Through individual counseling your program will be customized to fit your goals and schedule.

Am I eligible for the program if I have less than 30 hours?

The best answer would come after an in-depth conversation with the ADCP director. It is important to learn more about your experience and educational goals before determining if the program is a good fit for you.


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