Applied Science (BAS)


The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree program provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to assume management and leadership roles in industry, enhance current employment, or pursue graduate study. 


100% of the courses required for the BAS degree major are available online.


The BAS program is designed for students who have completed an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) or other associated degree and wish to continue their education. The BAS program provides students with a path to a four-year degree that utilizes the technical career courses from their two-year degree. This degree program makes possible avenues for professional development, personal growth, and career advancement. The curriculum emphasizes the application of industrial management principles and strategy, teamwork, diversity, problem-solving, and critical thinking for decision-making. Graduates from the Bachelor of Applied Science program have the knowledge and tools to launch new business ideas and succeed in management positions.



Degree Description and Focus

Up to 75 hours of transferred coursework may be applied to the degree. Completion of the Bachelor of Applied Science degree requires 45 hours of coursework after admission into the program in addition to any state-required General Education coursework not transferred into UAFS. A minimum of 120 credit hours are needed to complete this program. Classes are offered either completely online through distance education technology or on campus.

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What do students do after they graduate?

A degree in applied science prepares students for a variety of careers in manufacturing, operations management, quality, and logistics.

Students may choose to further their education by pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration, Operations Management, or other related graduate degrees that emphasize technical analysis.


Who should consider this degree?

  1. Continue working while you earn a bachelor of science degree.
  2. Build on your associate degree.
  3. Prepare yourself for a career in industry.
  4. Develop an enriched knowledge base and new perspective for work and life.
  5. Open doors to obtaining a master’s or doctoral degree.
  6. Get a promotion at work or in the military.


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Program Learning Outcomes

  • Use the moral reasoning process and other cognitive decision-making tools to make socially-responsible and situation-appropriate decisions.
  • Analyze and interpret qualitative, quantitative, and financial data.
  • Understand the four functions of management – planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.
  • Use the tools of quality control and process improvement.
  • Use the tools of project management to successfully manage an initiative.
  • Recognize and appreciate the diversity inherent in today’s workplace.
  • Understand the requirements of regulatory agencies and initiate practices to ensure a safe working environment.


Our graduates work in top companies in several industries.

Here are some of the organizations where our graduates work:

  1. Conway Freight
  2. Fort Smith City Hall
  3. Nucor Steel
  4. Saint-Jean Industries
  5. Simmons Food
  6. St Joseph’s Hospital
  7. V&S Schuler Tubular Products


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