Organizational Leadership (BSOL)

About the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership degree on the completer track is designed for students who have completed their associate degree and wish to continue their education. This degree meets the needs of working adults, giving them an opportunity to complete a degree while still maintaining employment. It is ideal for working students who want to move up in their field. Students draw upon the knowledge of many disciplines including leadership, social sciences, technology, and communication. The program prepares students for success in emerging global, corporate, government, and industrial environments. The Organizational Leadership degree can be completed through a combination of online courses, evenings, and/or in a traditional classroom setting.

You can complete 100% of your courses online for the Bachelor of Science in Organization Leadership as part of the BSOL Completer Track.


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Degree Description and Focus

The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership degree requires a total of 120 credit hours which can include some transferred credit from other higher educations institutions and may also count work experience and certifications attained in the military or other work based on the Adult Degree Completion Program.


Who should consider this degree?

You should consider the BSOL if you want to:

  1. Continue working while you earn a bachelor of science degree.
  2. Build on your associate degree.
  3. Prepare yourself for a leadership position.
  4. Develop an enriched knowledge base and new perspective for work and life.
  5. Open doors to obtaining a master’s or doctoral degree.
  6. Get a promotion at work or in the military.


What students are saying about Organizational Leadership

Thank you for recognizing that the needs of returning students are somewhat different from students just entering the college. As an adult who returned to school after a forty-eight year absence, I am enjoying the Organizational Leadership program.Organizational Leadership promo image

I know in order to move forward, I need a bachelor’s degree. Working full-time and being a parent, I need the nontraditional scheduling made available with this new degree. I’m pretty close, and now it’s possible.

I look forward to our class every week, because I know we will learn something new and have our preconceptions about leadership challenged.


Our graduates work in top companies in several industries.

Here are some of the organizations where our graduates work:

  1. ArcBest
  2. Arvest Bank
  3. Cherokee Nation
  4. Dillard’s
  5. Fastenal
  6. Klein Tools
  7. Nevada Rail
  8. OK Foods
  9. OK Transportation Inc.
  10. South Eastern Freight Lines
  11. USPS
  12. Western Arkansas Employment Development Agency


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